ITSure is an “ensurance” product “ensuring” the most advanced and secure Information Communication Technology solutions to certain categories of users such as groups, associations, individuals, businesses and educational institutions.

ITSure is a product initiated by InovaSure in partnership with Technology Partners providing the following service:

Improved connectivity, data security and manageability

Thin client technology

Access control

Email security


Intrusion detections systems


Network access control

Vulnerability scanning

Security audits



Website hosting

Personalized Internet application

Live streaming for Educational, business and individual virtual communication.


INOVASURE has developed a governance system referred to as the LIVESURE TRUSTED CENTRE (“LTC”). This is the core of its operations and the basis on which warranty and service level agreements are issued. In effect we “ensure” a process and not trading cycle participants.

All governance matters are dealt with in the LTC on the basis of transparency and the use of tools such as “internet of things” applications, real time funds tracking, biometrics bank, secure communication, external audits, ISO standard procedures and suchlike which are top of the priority list in the LTC.

Insurance wrapping of the LiveSure Trusted Center process is also carried out and apart from the governance and compliance benefits, the net effect is that it brings down transactional cost dramatically in supplying the InovaSure product range. When finalised, the cover is provided and a monthly fee is paid to InovaSure.

Application for the CloudSure Program

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    Prospective Clients can also make contact with us direct at for further information and assistance with regard to the Application for the relevant "Ensurance" / Warranty Cover. Prospective Clients will be required to complete a confidential questionnaire and Due Diligence process, after which accreditation will take place and Clients will be provided with indicative terms and conditions for consideration by their decision-making bodies.