Village Connectivity Program - E4VC

LiveSure’s integrated E4VC program ensures the ongoing security of connectivity through the installation and maintenance our proprietary “AfriPOP’s” in accredited villages.

The “AfriPOP” is a power generation and storage as well as telecommunication proprietary unit with various applications specifically designated for the use of villages, consisting of - typically - an average of 40 homes. The units can be scaled or duplicated if villages are larger. Green Energy is generated through renewable energy.

The power is stored in battery packs for household units that powers basic household lighting needs as well as cell phone connections.

The AfriPOP also provides a communal EduSure meeting point with restricted connectivity to educational or other content.

The AfriPOP also provides a communal “EduSure” meeting point with restricted connectivity to educational or other content. For one monthly payment, the E4VC “ensures” villages of continued connectivity with a secure supply of energy for the connectivity requirements of villagers.

A villager will be able to connect via the AfriPOP to a secure mobile settlement platform with SPAZA shops, receive SASSA payments, pay a taxi driver for travel and insurance whilst in transit, buy airtime, basic medicine, cash food coupons, pay insurance premiums, deposit cash and be generally financially empowered.

Application for the E4VC Program

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