About Us

InovaSure, a member of the LiveSure Group, as well as its affiliate companies, is managed by professionals who understand the demands of high profile clients. Our management team comprises of individuals who are are all leaders in their field and are continuously looking for new opportunities for advancement.

Our Management Style is innovative and integrates thought leadership with practical implementation strategies.

We bring our experience in a myriad of disciplines, around the world, over many decades, to bear on the business of "ensuring" the basic tenets of our human lives - security of Energy, Water, Sustenance, Education, Leisure, Health and much more.

InovaSure E-Governance Engine - “LiveSure Trusted Center”

InovaSure has developed a governance system referred to as the LIVESURE TRUSTED CENTRE (“LTC”). This is the core of our operations and the basis on which Living Security 'Ensurance' is provided under the umbrella of the "LiveSure" operational entity.

All governance matters are dealt with in the LTC on the basis of transparency and the use of tools such as “internet of things” applications, real time funds tracking, biometrics bank, secure communication, external audits, ISO standard procedures and suchlike which are top of the priority list in the LTC.

Insurance wrapping of the LIVESURE TRUSTED CENTRE process is also carried out by InovaSure and apart from the governance and compliance benefits, the net effect is that it brings down transactional costs dramatically.

Company Principles

The LiveSure Group exists to help its clients drive change... together we will shape the future. We "ensure", guarantee and warrant the most basic insecurities of people living in and companies operating South Africa in an equitable way.

The LiveSure Group was founded as an initiative between various companies and experienced businessmen who realised that there was a huge gap in the living security, more particularly the energy security market, that had not been adequately addressed yet in South Africa and other SADC countries. We augment this vision by providing access to our customers of innovative products and services as well as pools of knowledge.

End Goal

The end goal of implementing our ideals is to ensure a meaningful private contribution to the energy and higher order Living Security needs of the people of South Africa and further afield.

Company Structure & Core Focus

InovaSure shareholder organigram and core focus.


LiveSure Board Members