WaterSure is an Insurance product that is focused on providing Energy Security for producers of sustainable clean water to all consumers that are entitled to receive water from our clients.




Water Harvesting & Reuse


Water & Waste Water Treatment


Assisting Water Utility Providers

Accredited Corporates or Industrial Customers, through the auspices of their Board of Directors or Administrative structures, will qualify for a custom-made WaterSure Program.

A single monthly fee in terms of the relevant Water Security and Management and Administration Agreement is paid to InovaSure.

Application for the WaterSure Program

For registration of interest in the WaterSure Program, kindly complete the form and click the Apply button below.


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    Prospective Clients can also make contact with us direct at for further information and assistance with regard to the Application for the relevant "Ensurance" / Warranty Cover. Prospective Clients will be required to complete a confidential questionnaire and Due Diligence process, after which accreditation will take place and Clients will be provided with indicative terms and conditions for consideration by their decision-making bodies.