Energy Security for Schools - ESS

Accredited schools, through the auspices of Provincial and Government departments, may qualify for a custom made “EduSure” [Education Security] Power Program “Ensurance” Cover.

The ESS Program includes the following:

The “ensured”, uninterrupted dispatch, storage, distribution and metering of a secure supply of energy by InovaSure in return for a single monthly Energy Security management service fee over the relevant program / agreement (ESMA) lifespan.

The ESS Program is closely linked with the LiveSure “Thin Client” product and service and the InovaSure broad based Energy Security products for local authorities, corporates, individuals, gated communities and SOC’s.

School authorities should have the following information available when applying for an ESS plan:

Total average energy usage per calendar month for the last 12 months;

Total cost-to-school for the power used per time period;

Total consumption of peak power;

Tariff paid for peak power;

Total consumption of off-peak (base load) power;

Tariff paid for off-peak power;

Total outstanding debt to the relevant Municipality or other supplier (Utility Provider) as of a specific date.

InovaSure will assess the above information and present the Local Authority customer with an ESS quotation addressed to the designated decision-making body.

Through this process, the school authority follows all the correct governance steps and obtains relevant approval for the legal contract.

The ESMA (Energy Security Management and Administration Agreement) is entered into and a monthly service fee paid to InovaSure.

Application for the ESS Program

For registration of interest in the Energy Security for Schools - ESS Program, kindly complete the form and click the Apply button below.


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    Prospective Clients can also make contact with us direct at for further information and assistance with regard to the Application for the relevant "Ensurance" / Warranty Cover. Prospective Clients will be required to complete a confidential questionnaire and Due Diligence process, after which accreditation will take place and Clients will be provided with indicative terms and conditions for consideration by their decision-making bodies.