Living Security needs

LiveSure balances and matches the needs of human beings with the needs of its clients, providing peace of mind and security for fellow citizens.
We are a South African niche market service provider that mobilises the public sector, individuals and corporates through strategic partnerships and licensing agreements to protect their Living Security needs for mutual benefit.
The LiveSure initiative enables South Africans and the people of Africa to overcome the current challenges of their daily needs with regard to energy, water, financial inclusion, food, education, housing, connectivity and health services.
As an ENABLER, LiveSure augments the horizons of its collaborating parties by re-engineering access to innovative CUSTOM DESIGNED Service Level agreements, underwriting, Insurance aligned (“Ensurance”) / Protection Plan / Warranty products, linked to existing pools of knowledge and networks to expand business and opportunities with a solution in mind.
With each client that obtains Energy Security through the LiveSure Group and with each Industrial / Corporate company or Municipality that entrusts its 'power management' to InovaSure in South Africa, we take another step towards making "Smart" people, villages, cities and towns a reality for the citizens of South Africa.

How do we do it?

One word sums it up - COLLABORATION! We believe that teamwork brings out the best in all of us. The loner may be admirable, but the team is what makes it all worthwhile. By collaborating with the best minds in the country, working with the people who are passionate about not just saving the planet, but also themselves and their legacy for their children, teaming up with companies, organisations, Municipalities, Governments and thought leaders, we have managed to put a PLAN together that has bucked the trend of corporate gain and which promotes inclusive participation by all partners.
The result is LiveSure and InovaSure, a Group that is self sustaining - not a mutual society, but an entity that generates the capacity to COVER the calamities that face the human race by means of tapping into the resources that we currently expend on outdated technologies and corporate greed. We generate our underwriting capability from the very protection plan, policy aligned premiums and service fees that we create in a unique manner that are backed by our Power Purchase Agreements (“PPAs”) for Corporate and Industrial clients and our Service Level Agreements (“SLAs”) for Municipalities. Our clients pay us to ensure that they have an uninterrupted supply of energy and therefore the ensuing Living Security with regard to their basic needs in a sustainable manner.
Our “Municipal Energy Vault Program” assists Municipalities to obtain access to Renewable Energy in collaboration with the Utility and private enterprise, whilst our “Corporate Energy Vault Program” utilises specialised power wheeling and aggregation mechanisms which allow large Bulk Energy Users in South Africa (and elsewhere in the SADC Region) to benefit from reduced tariffs for power and enhanced Energy Security.
Join the LiveSure TEAM by directing your precious resources to us in the form of one Service Fee every month and let us take care of the details.

Power procurement challenges confronting large corporate users in South Africa include:

  • Spiraling Eskom power charges and difficulty of mitigation thereof;
  • Annual escalation of Eskom charges of 13.8% average over the past 10 years to date and approximate 33% increase approved by NERSA for 2023/4;
  • Projected tariff escalation for the next 10 years of over 500%;
  • Limited guarantee of reliable 24/7/365 supply due to capacity shortage resulting in load shedding;
  • Social/corporate/national responsibility to migrate to green/renewable energy and decarbonisation credits.

The LiveSure solutions provide the following benefits to our Corporate clients:

  • Significant savings on current Eskom invoices - depending on load profiles;
  • Annual escalations on Green Energy supplied that is significantly less than the projected Eskom escalations;
  • Massive reduction in total energy spend over 25 years;
  • Between 57% and 80% of energy usage will be from renewables (certified “Green Energy”) and will abide by future regulatory changes;
  • Green Energy supplied via Eskom Distribution / Transmission through current InovaSure Eskom Wheeling and aggregation arrangements;
  • Storage of a portion of the Green Energy via battery to ensure maximum use of Green Energy 24/7/365;
  • The client benefits from ZERO funding and operations cost together with ZERO solution risk;
  • Our clients play a role in assisting Eskom to stabilise and ensure future SA economic growth by reducing the demand for Eskom’s scarce and expensive power at crucial times.

LivSure Energy Security mechanisms include the following:

  • Off-site and/or on-site so-called “Energy Vaults” - comprising Photo Voltaic (“PV”) and Battery (“BESS”) Power Plant/s (without any financial risk to the client);
  • Once a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is concluded and the project built by LiveSure affiliates, our client’s power usage from Eskom is reduced to between 20% and 43% ONLY;
  • Between 57% and 80% Green Energy is generated, wheeled and provided to our clients from renewables in combination with power storage mechanisms, as well as base load generation where required;
  • A long term PPA (approved by Eskom) is concluded with each client which has a real current and future value as a financial instrument;
  • Corporate de-carbonisation goals are addressed from the large-scale implementation of renewable energy.”

Proudly South African

LiveSure is a proudly South African company that mobilises people and corporates in partnership to protect human security needs for mutual benefit. ​
Our ground breaking products and services assist South Africa to overcome many of its current challenges, whilst at the same time ensuring that we can grow into a market leader in Africa and the world through the “ensuring” of the provision of sustainable and secure energy, water, finances, food, education, information technology and health services.
The LiveSure initiative also enables South Africans to overcome the current challenges of their daily needs with regard to energy, water, financial inclusion, food, education, housing, connectivity and health services.
LiveSure augments the horizons of its collaborating parties by re-engineering access to innovative protection plan / warranty / insurance aligned products and existing pools of knowledge and networks to expand business and opportunities with a clear purpose in mind.
LiveSure has a strong social responsibility and designs different programs to meet community needs and objectives.
The LiveSure team has spent the past decade specifically addressing the Eskom generation capacity shortage problem/s and has had the benefit of working in collaboration with the biggest and most established equipment and services companies worldwide to design the Energy Vault Program in a unique manner to address the specific problems encountered.
We have presented the Energy Vault solution to most of the First World countries large EPC Operators and equipment suppliers and have received a positive response from them all to take part in bids for the implementation phases of our projects.
The Corporate and Municipal Energy Vault projects will therefore all represent a joint effort by the best-of-the-best worldwide in assisting LiveSure to collaborate with Eskom, the Municipalities and Corporate / Industrial companies to address all current power related challenges.



Our seal of excellence is placed on all our products to indicate our commitment to our clients, investors and affiliated partners and to show that we are serious about doing business and, more importantly, about doing it right! Our promise to all our clients is that they can feel comfortable that all business transactions are carried out with a company that adheres to corporate governance and strives for service excellence in all aspects.