InovaSure Senior Management Team

Jaco de la rouviere


Jaco, a Founder Member of LiveSure and InovaSure, completed his Mechanical Engineering studies in Pretoria, South Africa, whilst in the employ of the South African Air force. He was seconded to the CSIR and conducted specialized research in the field of Material Science and Technology..

The South Africa Business Exchange evolved from the engineering business, changing focus to information technology with the aim to develop "thin client" technology, which has only recently become popular as cloud computing.

Jaco founded SGL Power to pursue power generation in Africa after early identifying the imminent energy shortages. SGL Power successfully obtained several licenses to produce power in Africa. The complexities of the regulatory environment as well as the funding limitations associated with power generation compelled him, in conjunction with like minded individuals, to start an innovative "Living Security" company – InovaSure - to promote financial services products and services to be deployed for the benefit of independent power producers as well as bulk buyers in Africa - including the Municipalities, local authorities, Special Economic Zones, towns, cities and villages of the continent.

"to pursue power generation in Africa"

Jacques Pauw

Vice Chairman

Jacques, a Founder Member of LiveSure and InovaSure, began his business career in 1973 in the insurance industry as a financial consultant with one of SA insurance giants.

In 1977 he founded the Fintrust Group, initially active as an investment and insurance brokerage house, later as a real estate operation together with Nedcor Investment Bank/Syfrets as JV partner and is still active today as a family office in some areas of real estate investment.

Since the early 90's Jacques also served on various boards of start-up technology companies. This experience became very important in latter years. Jacques also served for 3 years as the CEO of an international listed company, providing services in the SMART CITY space, amongst other to the Peoples Republic of China. Jacques still holds numerous other Directorships and Trustee positions, encompassing operations of both a commercial and social entrepreneurship nature.

" encompassing operations of both a commercial and social entrepreneurship nature"

Max Lourens


Max Lourens, a Founder Member of LiveSure and InovaSure, is the CEO and as such sees to corporate governance and the interaction between the various operations within InovaSure and its affiliates as well as its interaction with collaborators and clients. In short, he ensures that the operation is well oiled and maintained in terms of International Standards of Operation and along ISO guidelines.

Max also has an Honours Degree in Journalism, and as such has spent many years focusing on the importance of product packaging and information communication. Having been involved for many years in the fields of hospitality and mixed use property development, Max spent time in Africa and abroad developing systems, procedures, models and franchise units for the design, development, implementation and management of Smart City models.

Max is active in a number of other enterprises in South Africa and abroad that comprise Hospitality, Property Construction Training and Quality Control, Project Management and Property Development, development of Sustainable Energy products and the design and development of Global Smart Cities and New Towns in Africa.

" development of Sustainable Energy products and the design and development of Global Smart Cities"

Rudie Crous


Rudie is a Founder Member and Director of InovaSure and the CEO of InovaSure (Australia). He started his career at Eskom as a plant engineer then joined the Computational Fluid Dynamics team at the Eskom Technology Group.

A venture into general technology development led to a career deviation into IT with the development of business software, image processing and mobile phone messaging desktop solutions.

Joining the team at Bateman Engineering started a career designing and developing power generation projects. Several solutions using conventional and non-conventional energy sources were developed for a range of clients and over the whole African continent. Rudie then migrated to Perth, Australia where he became the Chief Mechanical Engineer Utilities (Power and Water) at WorleyParsons, then led the multi-disciplinary engineering team at BP Kwinana Refinery for a very successful turnaround in 2014/5. Subsequently and currently, Rudie focuses on developing conceptual solutions for power project opportunities pursued by InovaSure, SGL Power and related companies, and consults to the power generation industry.

"developing conceptual solutions for power project opportunities"

Duncan Irvine


Duncan is a Director of LiveSure and InovaSure and is predominantly active in the field of media and broadcasting.

He founded a company called Rapid Blue in 1993 which has grown to become the biggest producer of prime time television programs in Africa. In 2016 BBC World Wide became a significant shareholder which has helped Rapid Blue grow even further. Rapid Blue is operational across all of Africa and has won multiple awards both locally and international.

Duncan has a BCom and a HDip Finance. He is an investor, shareholder and director of businesses active in media, property and charities, and has operated in IT, retail and consulting. He has chaired associations and awards committees, and is a member of the Emmy’s in the USA. His business activities extend across Africa, especially in Nigeria and Kenya, and Europe, Asia and the USA.

"active in the field of media and broadcasting"